Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC)

Located on education city’s 2,500-acre site, the Qatar National Convention Center officially opened its doors on 4 December 2011. it is one of the most sophisticated conventions and exhibition centres in the world.

Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) goes beyond convention by really bringing events to life, it offers 40,000m2 of exhibition space,  a 4,000 seat conference hall, 2,300 seat lyric style theatre and three-tiered auditoria, complemented by an additional 52 meeting rooms, all fully adaptable to accommodate a complete range events.
In addition, QNCC provides high standards of cutting-edge presentation technology and wireless conference management systems.

It is on The roster of preferred venues for both local and global entities as it offers the highest standards in security following international best – practice standards. A team of chefs operates in the fully equipped Qatar National Convention Center kitchen.

The team is flexible to meet specific event requirements to meet your guests’ dietary needs.

In addition to the venue, Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) has the largest multi-national team of event expertise trained to take care of all our clients’ requirements, from pre-planning to move-out arrangements. This means an events team is always on standby with an assigned manager acting as a single point of contact throughout, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed by all the small details.